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Why Hire a Professional

Many people think of painting as a simple do-it-yourself project, but there are good reasons to hire a professional contractor and get the job done right.


If your home was built before 1978, the existing paint may be lead-based. This needs to be very carefully handled, and can cause serious health problems if not treated correctly.

Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule

Common renovation activities like sanding, cutting, and demolition can create hazardous lead dust and chips by disturbing lead-based paint, which can be harmful to adults and children.

To protect against this risk, the EPA issued a rule requiring the use of lead-safe practices and other actions aimed at preventing lead poisoning. Under the rule, contractors performing renovation, repair and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities, and schools built before 1978 must be certified and must follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination.


Many homeowners are shocked to get into a painting project and discover how much time it actually takes. Preparation can be especially time-consuming, and if you’re working with darker colors or covering existing paint, you’ll need to do several coats. You’ll save a great deal of time and energy by contracting the job out.

Professional Results

If a paint job is not well done, it can decrease, rather than increase, the value of your home. Many homeowners end up calling in contractors to clean up jobs they’ve tried to do themselves, especially in older homes which need careful handling. Save time and money by calling a pro first.


If you’re looking for a faux finish or want to try an artistic pattern, like stripes or stencils, a professional will be able to perfectly achieve the results you’re looking for, beautifying your home.


A professional contractor will handle every aspect of your paint job, so you never have to worry about dealing with chemicals or hazardous wastes.

Once you’ve decided to hire a painter, always make sure that they are licensed and insured. If your home was built prior to 1978, make sure they are a lead-safe certified firm. Check references, and get a contract in writing so there won’t be any questions about what is expected and the price you’ve agreed to pay.

Then, relax! Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re in good hands.

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